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Digital image management software

Organise Your Photo Clutter

We take photos from different devices: phones, tablets, point and shoots and digital SLRs. As your photo library grows, it gets harder to manage. You need to keep them sorted for easy access but more importantly, keep these memories safe.

Tell you how` 

Cloud Storage

You can save all photos from multiple devices at one single location ­cloud storage. Both Dropbox and Google Photos offer automatic backup of photos to your account. This way, whenever you are connected to a WiFi network, photos can automatically sync and upload to cloud storage. This works great with smartphones and tablets. For photos from your camera, you can just copy them to the photos folder on your computer and have them synced across devices automatically (using the desktop apps). Other cloud storage services you can consider are Microsoft OneDrive, Box and Mega ­ all of them can be accessed on any browser and they have dedicated apps for smartphones and tablets too.

How to `De-Clutter'

The first thing we suggest is to copy all your photographs into a single folder on your computer. You can make sub-folders for each set of photos (be sure to name those folders well) so that you can easily find a photo from an event, holiday or occasion. Once you have done this, we recommend taking a backup of all your photos on an external drive before going processing further.

Name your Photos properly

By default, each device assigns a name to your photo. It could be a string of letters and numbers like DCIM123, IMG123 or simply a date and time stamp. This makes it difficult to store all photos together and remember which photo is from where. The solution is to properly name your photos. Use tools like Advanced Renamer for Windows ( or Name Changer for MAC ( These allow for bulk renaming of photos in a folder with a prefix of your choice. For instance, you can rename a bunch of photos to `GoaDecember-2014-1' to `Goa-December-2014-49'

Remove Duplicates 

­When you leave photos on your memory card and keep taking more photos, you can have multiple photos that up unnecessary storage space. To get rid of duplicate photos in Windows, get the Free duplicate photo finder from MAC users can get the Photos Duplicate Cleaner from the MAC app store. Both of them scan through your computer to find duplicate photos and show a preview of the duplicate and the original so that you can select which ones to remove.

Use a Photo Manager ­ 

Once you're done with renaming and consolidating photos, we recommend getting a photo manager software for automatic sorting. Picasa for Windows is recommended for Windows. On a MAC, the built in iPhoto works best. Both will import your photos and then give you option to sort them according to different criteria.

Websites for Easy Photo Storage


Flickr offers more free space ­ a huge terabyte for your photos! It syncs seamlessly with Adobe photo editing applications. What's more, Flickr automatically sorts your photographs ­ once you upload them, they can be sorted via date, making them easier to find later.


Picasa lets you organise photos into multiple albums and you can then sort your photos on the basis of date or filename. You can even drag and drop thumbnails for customized sorting if needed It works with a majority of photo formats and you can choose who gets to see your albums.

Manage Large Photo Libraries

Particularly on Android phones, a large image library can get difficult to manage. Some of the problems that you may face include a long time taken to start up, problems displaying image thumbnails and mixed up albums. One of the easiest ways to fix this is to clean up the phone by moving everything to a computer. But if you can't do that, try an alternative image gallery app like QuickPic (developed by Cheetah Mobile). It's faster, lighter and offers more functionality as compared to the standard gallery app. There are a bunch of useful features built in, including support for multiple cloud storage solutions (Picasa, Google Drive, Flickr, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, 500px and more), automatic grouping of images, image editing and playback of GIFs. The best part is that they also have their own image backup solution and the app doesn't need any extra permissions.

Viewing & Editing Photo Information

Any photograph you capture with your smartphone camera or still camera has a lot of information embedded in it. You won't be able to see this by just opening the image ­ you need to check the image properties. Some of the information embedded using the Exif format includes date taken, camera model, exposure and ISO details, lens focal length, title, subject, author, image dimensionsresolution and so on. If you just want to view this information and are not sure about checking image properties on your computer, you can even do this online.Head to http:regex.infoexif.cgi and upload your image (or paste the image URL in case the image is hosted online).

There are some situations when you want to edit this Exif information. For example, you might want to add your name as the author, mention a copyright, alter the date (if your camera date settings were wrong) or add GPSlocation information if it was incorrect or missing. There are a bunch of free tools that you can download to do this. For Windows, try Geosetter (http:www.geosetter.deen)and for Mac, try ExifEditor from the Mac App Store. The popular IrfanView image viewer doesn't support all this functionality by default, but if you already have it, you can install add-ons to enable these feature.

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