Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beauty hacks for the travelling diva

Here's how to look picture-perfect whenever you go jet-setting!
Maintaining your regular beauty schedule can be tough when you travel a lot. If you don't have the luxury of taking along your vanity kit on all your travels, there are a few easy beauty tips you can follow to still look good and selfie-ready... here they are: Find out details about the place you are visiting. For instance, if your travel des tination is a sunny location with beach es, carry an anti-humidity spray for your hair in your bag. If you're going to a hilly region, deep moisturising creams for the skin are a must-have. Understanding the climate of the place will help you know which are the absolutely-essential products to pack in your bag.
If you're going to spend many hours on a flight, instead of regular makeup, use alternatives. You can skip your usual cakey foundation and go for a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream with a high SPF. These will give your skin good cov erage, without damaging it. Instead of long-lasting lipsticks, which may cause your lips to dry , there are many coloured lip balms that you can try . These will keep your lips hydrated too.
Long flights often make you look tired and the first signs appear on the skin under the eyes. Try to pack an under-eye cream. It will protect the delicate skin around the eyes and prevent puffiness.
You hair is often neglected when you are on the move. If you don't get the opportu nity to wash your mane, a great travel alternative is the dry shampoo. It is a water-free way to get rid of greasy hair.
One hygiene product to keep handy is a sanitiser. This will keep your fingers clean and won't cause break outs when you touch your face.
To keep your skin hydrated, you can also carry a hydrating mist. Don't forget to keep wet wipes in your purse too. You can wipe your face and feel instantly refreshed.
If you are a beauty junkie and can't do without your cosmetics, be sure to carry them in convenient com pact travel sizes to save space. For examples, instead of carrying a big bottle of sunscreen, transfer it in a smaller bottle.
Another tip is to choose beauty products that can multitask and be used in different ways. A body lotion can be used as makeup remover or a lip gloss can also be worn as a cheek stain!

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