Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Stuck in your car in traffic for hours? Here’s what you can do...

Stuck in your car in traffic for hours? Here’s what you can do...

Mumbai’s Marine Drive, monsoon and its surreal traffic are the three most distinct characteristic features that sets it apart from other metros. While it is true that waiting for an indefinite period of time cooped up in your car in crazy traffic is extremely annoying, we’ve listed a few simple things that could prove to be a refreshing way to channelise your frustration and improve your mood.


If binging during the festive season has done more harm than good to your chiselled face, it is time to opt for face yoga. The different types of face yoga are so simple that one could do them in their cars and see visible results after just a month or so. It is important that you do them thrice a day. There are seven different types of face yoga. These include puffing up your cheeks, stick your tongue out for as long as you can, stare at the ceiling, make an ‘O’ with your lips, fish face, carry an astonished or startled look and tilt your head sideways to kick that double chin out of your life.


One of the commonest things we usually do to kill time while stuck in traffic is listening to music. While there is nothing wrong in starting your day with the soothing voice of your favourite singer, some find chants more relaxing. Regardless of what your religious and spiritual beliefs are, you could always kick-start your day (or end it) with a little bit of introspection and some cathartic chants to go with it. Many videosharing sites have clips that go on for hours. And, there is a wide variety of sub-sections to choose from — piano music, meditation music, religious chants and even music for concentration. Banker Smriti Sharma, who travels from Andheri to Nariman Point everyday, says, “It gets extremely frustrating to spend hours on end stuck in endless traffic. There’s only so many games you can play on your smartphone or watch TV shows/ movies. After some time, you need something to de-stress. I’ve discovered that chanting is extremely soothing and helps me gather my thoughts and unwind. I’ve started doing it daily while I commute.”


Selfies are a great way to massage your ego and beat the traffic blues. But do you know know what is even better? A game that broadens your horizon and teases the brain. From games on improving ones concentration to something as basic as Scramble, productive games are a great way to keep boredom at bay. Also, the fact that they enlighten you is icing on the cake. Word games and jigsaw puzzles stimulate the mind and are known to have a number of health benefits, including better concentration and quicker responses. Advertising professional Aditya Bhanushali says, “I take a cab daily from the suburbs to come to my work place in town and instead of just listening to music while stuck in traffic, I play word games that not only improve my vocabulary but also my memory.”


Cracked, brittle nails are passé and women from all walks of life want to look their best, even when they step out for a regular lunch date. But for a woman, who is always on the go, it is impossible to file her nails or add a top coat to that pretty nail paint. Keeping your nail kit handy and using it during rush hours would not only mean you are ready for the day but also helps you get over boredom. Honestly, who doesn’t need bright and beautiful colours on their nails?

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