Saturday, June 3, 2017

A quick guide on smart homes

As a rule, smart homes have various elements at physical, emotional and technical levels. They are sustainable, money-saving, adaptable, reinventable and tech-savvy.

Sensible planning 
Starting from the layout of walls and circulation to placement of every furniture and artefacts, sensible planning would be honouring the sensibilities of the occupier as finally it's his home and habitat. Proper utilization of light and ventilation so that the habitat's response to the environment is eco-friendly as this would mean less use of lights and air conditioning for sustainability. Sensible planning of services like electrical and plumbing can mean a user friendly life for years to come.

Minimising wastage
Minimising wastage of spaces in long corridors can be done by utilising the small offsets/ niches and alcoves. The floor of a small room can be made up by utilising the waste of all marbles from various rooms. Minimise wastage of time and resources from project inception can be done by proper scheduling, coordination and PMC.

Even a small yet significant usage of a sensor that merely costs Rs 7000 per piece but can cause convenient function of turning on the light of a toilet at night when you walk in. Smart and complete integration of lighting, air conditioning, dimming and television all from your smart phone. Automation is concealed with hidden speakers, television in the form of mirrors, concealed set up boxes plus surveillance and security systems using fingerprints for access. Resources Does every wall need a panel? Or cladding? The answer is surely NO. Smart distribution of these expensive resources limited only to iconic and more viewed walls can help save a lot of resources.

Does the technology own your home or you? Are automation systems complicating the daily functioning? If yes then reinvent it. Proper planning of cables can help change automation from time to time with changing needs. If today, mood lighting for your den is a dim wall side wall washer; tomorrow as you age, it would be full bright lights, then you can change it. Provide for a centralized server room where all distribution boxes can be hidden and changed as per need from time to time.

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