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In Bai Jingthe document retries a case judged Qiao Yu cheats its husband 2,360,000 to sentence for 11 years

This morning reporter learned that, this month 19th, two courtyards make the first trial decision, cheats the crime to condemn the Qiao space set term of imprisonment for 11 years.

In Bai Jingthe document retries a case judged Qiao Yu cheats its husband 2,360,000 to sentence for 11 years

Qiao Yu appears in court (material chart)

The legal system evening news news in February, 2012, Zhou Chenghai has assassinated 29 year-old wife, the actressBai JingAnd commits suicide, afterwards Qiao Yu is involved by the insolation Mr. and Mrs. Bai Jing the marriage and cheats Zhou Chenghai the great sum of money.

On March 24, 2015, two courtyard first trial cheats the crime, condemns the Qiao space set term of imprisonment for 11 years.After judges, Qiao Yu appeals.Hereafter, the city high court by the first trial decision recognized Qiao Yu commits the cheating crime the partial facts unclear, the evidence insufficiency is a reason, sends back the above-mentioned plan two courtyards to retry a case.

Fictionalizes the status fact to deceive Zhou Chenghai approximately 9,000,000

The prosecutor accuses, Qiao Yuyu in 2009 knows Zhou Chenghai, fictionalizes the status implementation cheating to it.

February, 2011 from to March, Qiao Yu incites Miao, Xia (to handle as a separate case) east Chaoyang District outside four links east the clouds cloud road roadside, Chaoyang District three link trillion dragon hotel messenger bird fitness center parking lot, sprinkles separately to Zhou Chenghai the coursing sign S350 automobile sprinkles the paint, according to the above and compiles it has offended “the organized crime eldest child” the false fact to Zhou Chenghai.

Kills Bai Jingqian in Zhou Chenghai, Zhou Chenghai as by reports take the bitter experience cheating to the Chaoyang public security sub-bureau, the final police are a suspect the cheating crime, captures Qiao Yu.Zhou Chenghai reports when has provided him and the Qiao space sound recording, this also ends in prosecutor's main evidence.

Click to Translate text after this point When hearing, Qiao Yu denies fictionalizes the status cheating.  The sound recording provides which regarding Zhou Chenghai, Qiao Yu said he is defers to the manuscript content to help the sound which Zhou Chenghai records, “all details all are Zhou Chenghai arrange, he said his mother is seriously ill, the sound recording is in order to comfort the family member, lets the family member know he was not all spends freely all money.”

Qiao Yu said that, Zhou Chenghai on the main house gate and the white static vehicle is sprinkled the paint to have nothing to do with with him, he has not fictionalized the status to make a false report the help solution sprinkles the paint question, also has not received Zhou Chenghai to 500,000 Yuan and hundred reaches the jade Li sign wristwatch.Zhou Chenghai once gave its 5 Guo Yizong the calligraphy and painting, after but he has returned to give back to 4 pictures Zhou Chenghai.

Qiao parity have not compiled the Asian Olympic Village real estate project, also has not received Zhou Chenghai for this the funds thing.Zhou Chenghai in Hong Kong for its purchase two fatigue person of great strength sign wristwatch, hundred reaches the jade Li sign wristwatch together, in which works the person of great strength sign wristwatch to return to Beijing together later zhou dynasty Cheng Haicong he in the hand to take, another two table it already returned to give back to Zhou Chenghai the cash.

Qiao Yu said that, he and Zhou Chenghai is a friend, between two people mutually presents the gift frequently, the above goods the real estate project which said with Zhou Chenghai have nothing to do with.So-called “the black eldest child” has nothing to do with with him, he has not seen “the black eldest child”.

Court trying believed that, is on record the evidence not to form the integrity the evidence chain.The multi-person testimony and reports to the police evidence and so on record only to be able to confirm Zhou Chenghai the vehicles once are sprinkled by the human the paint.The famous card person heard Qiao Yuwei helps Zhou Chenghai to solve sprinkles the paint question, has wanted 100 ten thousand Yuan to Zhou Chenghai, but witness cannot prove Qiao Yu receives money the concrete process, is listens to Zhou Chenghai to say, also testimony and Zhou Chenghai Statement Not symbol.

Zhou Chenghai called gives Qiao many times the space cash, is unable to confirm, this 2,360,000 Yuan have the deposit certificate, finally was recognized by the court.

The court fact-finding, 2011, Qiao Yu compiles the false real estate project, take cooperates with Zhou Chenghai develops this real estate project to need to give a present as, in the Chaoyang District Pacific Ocean department store underground parking garage, swindles Zhou Chenghai 2,360,000 Yuan.The ill-gotten money has been retrieved.

Court overall evaluation Qiao Yu cheats the cash has recovered and so on the plots, gives after due consideration the discretion of punishment to the Qiao space.First trial cheats the crime to condemn the Qiao space set term of imprisonment for 11 years, deprives the political rights for two years, punishes at the same time the fine 11,000 Yuan.

Case playbacking

Zhou Chenghai once reported to the public security organ, called he and the Qiao space in 2009 the acquaintance, Qiao Yu said oneself father was some central ministries and commissions level cadre.Zhou Chenghai wife Bai Jingyu in September, 2010 and Qiao Yu acquaintance.

In December, 2011 Zhou Chenghai called when goes to Hangzhou with Qiao Yu, Qiao Yu has looked for young lady to him, and has installed the camera in its room, afterwards has given white the video frequency static.

In, 2012 Bai Jingyi husband Zhou Chenghai “is at the beginning of February disloyal” for by the prosecution divorce.

After on February 28, 2012 noon Zhou Chenghai receives the subpoena to go home, kills the wife to commit suicide.

On February 28, 2012 Beijing some entertainment company general managers are greatSpring thunder Disclosed on-line that, called Bai Jing has “the affair” “male, small three” Qiao Yuyi the friend status successively swindles Zhou Chenghai thousand ten thousand Yuan.

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