Wednesday, October 21, 2015


If you believe in that stunning picture of your friend posted on a social networking site with amazing scenery or attending a luxurious party, take another look. Chances are that they may just be trying to make you jealous of their good life. According to a recent survey, almost everybody lies on social networking profiles to look good.Study revealed that over two third of images posted online are made to look more fun and adventurous.Nearly 75 percent of people admitted that they judge their friends based on what they see on social media.
There was a survey conducted across the age group of 16 to 54 and 520 people out of 1000 said they posted pictures purely to make their friends and family jealous. From snaps of people's homes to perfectly laid outfit shots, every image counts and smartphone photography has never been more important.
A behavioural psychologist said, “When it comes to why we feel a desire to share our public displays of possessions, it's all about impression management.“ Another study involving 400 men and women found that the more people changed their profile picture, the more likely they were to report narcissistic traits.

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