Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Inspects Xi Jinping to Qinghai, the urging must complete this matter!

After more than 3 hour flights, General Secretary Xi Jinping on 22nd noon arrives at the average elevation 2800 meter Qinghai Province Heisey Mongolian national minority Tibetan national minority autonomous prefecture Golmud city, afterwards goes by car 60 kilometers to arrive the Qinghai saline lake industry limited liability company potassium fertilizer subsidiary company wharf.

Xi Jinping has listened to the Qaidam Basin development circulation economy and the saline lake resources comprehensive utilization orientation lecture in here, understood the enterprise produces the management, the industrial technology promotes, plateau characteristic biology industry development, situations and so on magnesium alloy new material.
The emphasis does well the development use in under the protection ecological environment premise

Xi Jinping arrives the wharf along the wooden trestle, the examination modernization picks the salty ship work.Knew the enterprise development targets is in a big way completes the global magnesium lithium potassium profession with 5-10 to command troops the enterprise, Xi Jinping expresses the affirmation.

Xi Jinping pointed out that, the saline lake is the Qinghai most important resources.Must formulate the correct resources strategy, the enhancement top layer design, does well the development use.The circulation use is transforms the economical development pattern the request, the nation all should walk such road.Qinghai must handle this matter, display exemplary role.The Qinghai resources also are the national resources, must have a national chess thought, does well the development use in under the protection ecological environment premise.

Practices general secretary to talk together about the happy life to the Yangtze River source village with the Tibetan national minority compatriot

General secretary's arrival let this Tibetan national minority village ebullition.

On 22nd the afternoon, Xi Jinping arrives the Golmud city Tanghla mountain town Yangtze River source village inspection ecology immigration, the national unity and the basic unit party constructs the work.The villagers wear the splendid attire, offers the pure white hada, cuts Masurium, the Tibetan barley liquor, expresses is most grand to general secretary warmest welcome.In villagers Shen Gejia in the spacious bright Tibet type living room, Xi Jinping pulls up the daily family activity with them, understands whole family's income, the work, the study situation.

“Child several grades?”

“5th class.”

Shen Ge the granddaughter only then kernel Pakistan mulberry stands on the one hand on the other hand replied has respected the Young Pioneers ritual to general secretary.Shen Ge tells general secretary, before the ecology immigration, they live in three river source nature protection area, there elevation 4700 meters, live the tent, rest ground, is the sheep oil lamp.

Click to Translate text after this point After moves, lived the country for the new home which covered, rested on the bed, the furniture electrical appliances were also Party's policy is specially good, the life has already been good, interpreted a dream ahead of time.General secretary said happily that,“Your happy life steadily, is also hoping your healthy longevity.”

When leaves the Yangtze River source village, in the village everybody arrange the long troop, is wielding the hada, shouts loudly “general secretary to be good” “the Zaxi Deleur”, is reluctant to part shakes hand with general secretary bids goodbye.Is hugging by adult the girl offers the hada to general secretary, general secretary kisses child's cheeks gently, hopes her health growth.

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