Thursday, September 24, 2015

Roll The Ball is a slider jigsaw puzzle game for Mobile

Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle

Roll The Ball is a slider jigsaw puzzle game where you are presented with a 4x4 `wooden' grid. Some of the pieces in the grid have a channel running through them. These channels can be horizontal, vertical or curving. The aim of the game is to slide the pieces in the grid to create a path with the channels so that the ball in the grid can `roll' from its starting point ­ unhindered ­ till it reaches the end `goal'.

In each puzzle, certain pieces are fixed and this makes gameplay more challenging. RTB comprises six game packs ­ beginner, talented, medium, skilled, hard and moving ­ each consisting of 180 puzzles that get tougher as you progress. The game's graphics sport a nice metal and wooden finish, along with a realistic clicking sound that accompanies the shifting of the panels. RTB's simple gameplay, but extremely challenging puzzles will keep you hooked for hours.

Android, iOS | Free

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