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According to Vastu, keeping these things in your house can lead to poverty and distress!

According to Vastu, keeping these things in your house can lead to poverty and distress!

The reason behind Vastu Dosha

Contrary to what people believe, Vastu is not just about keeping your furniture a certain way or getting your house constructed in a particular direction, but it is also about what you keep and what you don't keep in the house. Vastu Dosha can even be found in a needle, stored inappropriately in the house!

Don't keep these things

According to Vastu, keeping these things in the house brings in negativity and bad luck --- make sure that you do not store the following in your house.

Dirty water

Make sure that you do not let any dirty water flow in and around in the house. Not only is it an eyesore, it is considered bad vastu as well.

Promotes negativity

Having dirty water around the house leads to negativity and the inmates of the house can be subject to humiliation.

Thorny plants

You should also not have thorny plants around the house --- do not even keep some in your garden. Keep them outside the house.

Health issues

Having thorny plants in the house leads to ill health amongst family members. Having thorny plants can also lead to discord in the house.

Stones outside the house

Make sure that you do not have stones collecting outside your house. If your house is getting constructed, make sure that you remove all stones when the work is over.

Troubles galore

Having stones outside the house signifies troubles --- it means that the family will face a lot of obstruction on their path to success.


We all are used to throwing our garbage cans just outside the house, thinking that the cleaner will get it collected. However, a garbage can outside the house is bad vastu.

Relationship trouble

Having garbage cans outside the house also leads to financial trouble in the house and it can soon lead to the family being under debts. Avoid.

Electric poles

Electric poles outside the house are a common sight --- however, not only are they risky, they also are considered to be bad vastu.

Tangles life

Just like the wires of an electric pole are all tangled up, your life too, will get all tangled up if you have an electric pole outside your house. Make sure that you do not have one.

Obstructing sunlight

Since huge trees obstruct the flow of both sunlight and air, it also blocks out the influx of good and positive vibes in your house. Plant a small tree in your garden but not anywhere else.


Do not have huge twigs of plants flowing inside your house. These plants are not considered to very good vastu. Avoid ones that grow vertically and creep into your house.

Enemy count

It is said that such plants increase the number of enemies you have --- because of this, you will soon land yourself in trouble.

Main door

According to Vastu, the main road outside the house should not be higher than you main door's platform. Your door should always be on the same level or lower than the main road.

Ups and downs

If such is not the case, you life will see a lot of troubles and ups and downs in your house --- if your door is constructed in such a manner, get it corrected immediately.

Milky plants

It is said that plants which have a milky sap are not considered to be good vastu. Avoid having such plants in the house.


Not only are such plants considered to be bad vastu, the milk that they produce is often poisonous and can be consumed by the children of the house, so avoid having such plants.

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