Monday, December 28, 2015

Fitness will always be on our to-do list even in 2016

Hottest workouts of 2016: Twerkout and sexercise to steam up your fitness mantra

Fitness will always be on our to-do list even in 2016.While festive bingeing during the party season this year will ensure we have gained a few extra calories, the new year should be all about shedding the unwanted flab.From adding a bit of clubbing and a tad of sensuous moves, it's going to be all about sexy workouts in 2016. 


Make popstar Miley Cyrus your inspiration and ape her sexy twerking dance moves to design your own dance workout! After the popularity of Zumba, this is the new dance-based workout, which combines booty shaking with some serious cardio moves. It works your abs and hips at the same time, as well as the thighs, glutes and lower back.


This is a heart-pumping workout that aims to enhance longevity between the sheets. Sexercise consists of cardio-based exercises like squats, lunges and booty pops designed to tone glutes, quads and calves. With sexy moves like ab twists and leg scissors that you can perform with your partner, this is a great way to stay fit as well as spice up your love life.


What if your exercise programme felt like you're dancing in a pub rather than going through a gru elling workout? That's what the adrenaline-pump ing clubbercise is all about. From Jennifer Lopez to Kim Kardashian West, many celebs have tried their hand at it. It involves doing aerobic moves in a dark room with glow sticks in your hand and disco lights for company! These moves are set to the sound track of the '90s club music like house, rave, EDM etc. An hour-long session can burn up to 500 calo ries in one go. Now, that's what we call a perfect after-party workout.


Fancy some indoor surfing? This workout that is now gaining a foothold in fitness centres in the city is all about exercising on mechanical surf boards that move and shake. To maintain your balance on the board, you have to use your core muscles and also do exercises such as squats, jumps etc. You can burn upto 800 calories per hour.


Channelise your inner clown to try this routine, which involves juggling household things to keep fit. From scarves to balls, you learn how to juggle, simultaneously doing simple moves. Since you use your arms for this activity, it helps in toning the limbs, while the balancing exercise strengthens the core.You can burn as much as 280 calories an hour.


Doing yoga asanas amidst relaxed surroundings is the mantra for the upcoming year. For instance, candlelight yoga -where you perform gentle postures in a dark room, that's lit with candles -is said to invigorate the body . The darkness allows the mind to go into a deep state of meditation, where one loses self-consciousness.You can also opt for salt yoga.It involves breathing in salty air while performing asanas as this helps with respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies etc.


Grab a pair of colourful pompoms to add some cheer to your daily routine. If you envy the physique of cheergirls, you can aim for the same by combining the benefits of a high-impact workout with the techniques of cheerleading. This form of exercise develops motor skills, endurance and speed. It can be performed by any age group and a complete session can help burn up to 700 calories. While you're at it, don't forget to put on a pair of hot pants and tank top!


Set to music, this playful workout is a mix of jumping rope and creative conditioning drills.This includes a quick warm-up, jumping the rope for a few minutes at a time, alternated with a host of body weight exercises. It reduces stress, stimulates the brain and improves coordination among other benefits. You can burn 600 calories in one session. By increasing or decreasing the volume or speed of the workout, it can be adapted to any fitness level.

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