Friday, November 6, 2015

Tata Sky+ Transfer Box

Tata Sky+ Transfer Box

PRICE `9,300

DVR set top box, 1080p output, 500GB hard drive, HDMI, component, optical audio out, USB port for WiFi dongle, iOSAndroid companion app 1080p resolution output, convert and transfer videos to handheld devices, 500GB hard drive Steep price for new and existing subscribers, video conversion is time consuming, Tata Sky is usually first to adopt new technology and features. They were the first to get 4k set-top boxes to India and now they have launched the Tata Sky + Transfer box (it comes with a WiFi dongle for connectivity).
The purpose of the transfer box is to make your recorded content portable -so that you can view it anywhere. Using your iOSAndroid handheld device and the Tata Sky app, you can now have the content from your DVR available on your phone (two devices can be paired with one set-top box).We tried this on an Android phone and iPhone 6 and it worked seamlessly . Once you open the app's transfer section, it connects to your Tata Sky+ Transfer box (both devices should be on the same WiFi network) and shows you the list of recorded videos. You can then select the video you want to view on your phone and the box will convert and transfer it to your device over WiFi.
The process is quite simple too. The video quality is good for watching on the smaller screen.Plus, no Internet connectivity is required.However, the encoding process takes a lot of time -for HD content, the time taken to convert is the same as the length of the video. So, for a 120 minute movie, the box will first take 120 minutes to encode the video and then transfer it.
The Transfer box is essentially the successor to the Tata Sky+ HD set top box. Like that box, this one too has a built-in 500GB hard drive where you can record your favorite movies and shows. It works in the same way -you can schedule a recording or start recording what you are watching immediately . In addition, you can record content from up to two channels simultaneously .
One big change is that the transfer box offers 1080p (progressive) resolution -Tata Sky+ HD box offers 1080i resolution. 1080p is better as it shows sharper images -each row of pixels is refreshed 60 times per seconds whereas in 1080i each row is refreshed 30 times per second.
Overall, the Tata Sky+ Transfer box is recommended for those who miss out on their favorite programs and movies on TV but still have the spare time to view them on the move. However, it is priced high -new users will have to shell out `9,300 while existing subscribers upgrading from Tata Sky+ HD DVR need to pay `7,890.

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