Sunday, November 15, 2015

More than just ‘suiting up’

 More than just ‘suiting up’

While men have it easy when it comes to cocktail or black tie dressing, women do not have it that easy, with the two staples being the little black dress (LBD), of course, and the ever elegant sari. But the trend is fast changing, with women increasingly being more open to experimenting with silhouettes and styles. Gets experts to offer tips on making cocktail dressing innovative and exciting

Arpita Mehta

Experiment a bit rather than going for a safe gown. An interesting ensemble that would surely look edgy is a draped tulip skirt, teamed with a tiny crop and a mirror-embellished jacket.

Sonali Gupta

A pair of palazzo pants or sequinned tight pants worn with a dressy satin shirt makes a statement. Those who are comfortable in Indian clothes should choose pre-stitched saris or draped gowns that are perfect for the occasion.

Payal Singhal

In India, the two best options to wear to a cocktail are an understated, elegant sari, which could be in black or a soft pastel with simple embroidery, or a sari gown that has become very popular as a silhouette now. More than a silhouette, to me, great alternate options are more about colour and understated elegance.

Neha Taneja

From tea-length dresses in colours ranging from ink blues to deep reds to intricately-ornamented ladylike pouf dresses to a classic pussy bow-tie blouse with a midi skirt, the options are numerous. High-low dresses in solid colors provide an edge over conformist silhouettes.

Sonakshi Raaj

One can opt for short length floral printed dresses, plain coloured jumpsuits with chic and trendy accessories. You can also play around with colours and hues, although avoiding too much contrast in outfits is essential. An evening gown without too much bling but subtle detailing can also be worn to a cocktail party.

Monisha Jaising

A well-fitted or flowy gown that suits your body type can also be an option. It would be best to jazz your outfit up with a colour that suits you and sets you apart.

Shradha Murarka – Vizyon

Long maxi gowns in solid colours spell comfort, free spiritedness and sophistication all at once. And when accessorised well, they look perfect for the evening. Pantsuits and jumpsuits are other great options – whether you’re at a business lunch or unwinding with friends at a sundowner.

Urvashi Joneja

Jumpsuits in the form of fitted tops with bottom cuts and pockets are making their presence felt. These are practical and comfortable, with a tailored look – and also fun. Another interesting silhouette is the basic LBD with a slight print for a different and stylish look.

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