Thursday, November 5, 2015

Care of Balachi Bembi

Keep in mind that children eat and drink when inserting or 9 Information

1. The first born, breastfeeding within half an hour.

2. breastfeed exclusively for six months.

3. Breastfeeding should be continued for eighteen months.

4. Give the thin liquid blend khirisarakhe six months. These are easy to digest.

5. khirisarakhya thin little protein foods whenever such attack. Soybeans or peanuts.

6. Pour the children eat and drink well at least 6 times a day. Children's stomach can not eat more than two meals heads of men being bigger and smaller.

7. Start to four months after jivanasattvayukta and khanijayukta substance. (Carrot, papaya, green vegetables, jaggery etc. By all means, let cook and very thin.)

8. Pour eat and drink as much as the baby's ajarapanatahi eat. Otherwise the growth rate during the period was lower.

9. oil, ghee, and more are in the pasty substance concentration, was compensated with low calorific double aharatahi. This measure falls well below the children eating special. Benefit of good kuposanatahi.

Weight, height

- Is lying down and dry navel and umbilical cord Balachi Bembi of the baby in the first 7 days.

- The weight of the baby, the tenth day of janmavajanaevadhe back.

- 5 th month baby weight janmavajana was doubled.

- A year is three times the weight of the original janmavajana.

- A year in the 25 to 30 cm height baby (1 foot) per increase.


The vast majority of the children come to five teeth in the lower middle of the donor nine months of the year and a general 6 to 8 teeth are discolored.

Development and growth

4-5 weeks to identify the baby to her mother. This "knowing laughter was developed through two months. 2 to 3 months if the baby is not smiling, knowing the child's mother to keep a careful eye vadhikadehi rest.

3 months if the baby put their faces on the belly self-respect and a partial head 'hold' can.

4 months fully recovered the original value. 5 to turn their faces to the baby 6 months.

4 months baby watches to catch small objects at hand; But still can not pick fingers. It may take 6-7 months to rattle up a hand to another hand.

4 to 7 months more hasare child, becomes playful.

6-7 months before the child's hand, then took the baby if it could sit alone before further own can bear full weight on the foot.

8 th - 9 th month baby 'grandfather, father, and two letter word that can talk to accessories. They call attention to the need to give the name of the baby, learns to Tata.

9 to 10 months or have a child rangayala sarapatayala. Well baby raise a finger around the same thing. But still needs to make based on the handles.

12th month that is just the thing to move the fingers.

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