Friday, November 13, 2015

3 useful downloads on mobile


Band lets you set up online groups to stay in touch with friends, create private study cliques, and it even lets you interact with users from around the world.Once you register with this service, you can join a `band', or create a few yourself.For instance, you could join special interest groups that are into Clash of Clans, Harry Potter, fitness, football, and more. And when you create your own create your own band, you can set it to be public, secret (not discoverable, requires an invite) or closed (search able, only members can view posts). A new entry could take the form of a calendar event, an opinion poll, photo and video posts, and even files from your Dropbox or Google Drive account. Each group or band includes a chat room so that members can interact in real time. The service is also accessible via a PC web browser. Simply enter the group's custom web link, log in and start interacting with members.Android, iOS | Free

Walking War Robots

Also known as WWR, this 3D game is a multiplayer shooter where you pilot a bi-ped robot in 6x6 team battles. You will have to work along with teammates to destroy enemy robots, while capturing all the beacons on the map. For each task you complete, you are awarded points to advance in levels, along with silver and gold to upgrade weapons and robots.As you progress, you can own more than u can own more than one robot. WWR gives you access to 15 battle bots with different features including flight.
There are more than 20 weapon types to choose from, choose from, including missiles, energy and plasma guns. The 3D graphics are spot on, battles are immersive, and the sound effects put you right in the middle of the war zone.Given the game's sophistication, and controls, WWR is best enjoyed on larger devices with advanced processors. And yes, you'll require an internet connection to play, so Wi-Fi is recommended.Android, iOS | Free

Round Me

The RoundMe app is a great way to visit tourist destinations without packing your bags or spending on airfare. Here, you will find panoramic photos of tourist spots, restaurants, parks, hotels, malls and more. When you select a panorama, you can move your phone around for a 360-degree view. The image could also have information tags on significant landmarks. Registering with the service ing with the service lets you “favorite“ panoramas, leave comments and even upload your own photos via a PC browser. And if you have Google Cardboard, you can view posts in virtual 3D. At present, India is not very well documented on RoundMe, so while you browse other places, you might also want to contribute panoramas of noteworthy places in your city and locality. To create your own cityscapes, however, you will need a device ­ set to panorama mode ­ or a software that lets you build spherical views.Android, iOS | Free

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