Thursday, October 22, 2015


Many booking a car for Dhanteras are seeking their astrologers' advice on the colour they should opt for when it comes to their new set of wheels 
Mera wala pink is passé. In fact, instead of slugging it out over their favourite colour of car within the family , buyers are turning to astrologers to suggest the most favourable colour for them. Sample this: homeopath Dr Nitin Maurya, who recently purchased his first car, took his astrologer's advice before opting for a white hatchback. “I always wanted a black or a grey car as my first car, but the astrologer suggested that these colours would be inauspicious for me, and could cause serious accidents.Following his advice, I bought a white car,“ he shares. 
In fact, white seems to be a favourite with astrologers. Divij Narain, director of a car dealer brand, says he gets such customers all round the year, who choose their car's colour based on astrological advice.“Choosing colours as per the prediction by a family astrologer is quite common among Hindu buyers,“ says Divij, adding, “While some are told not to buy black, others are highly recommended this colour by the astrologers.But white, for some astrological reason, is an alltime favourite of the astrologers. This is why we always have more cars in white in stock as compared to other colours.“
Explaining why white is favourable for almost everyone, astrologer Neeraj Kumar, says, “White is associated with the planet Venus, which is favourable in almost all the astrological charts and is also associated with the purchase of a new vehicle in the kundli. That is the reason why it is a colour which will benefit everyone. However, while buying colours like red, black and shades of grey, one should get their kundli checked by an astrologer to see if the colour is suitable according to the planetary positions in the chart. For example, if Rahu and Ketu are not that wellplaced in someone's charts and they buy a car in a shade of grey , chances are that the car will not suit them.“
Agreeing with the trend, Pankaj Gupta, sales manager of car dealer brand, says, “ A large number of our customers purchase white colour vehi cles. While the panditji might have an astrological reasoning, what we know is that at night, a white colour car is easily visible to other drivers on the road as compared to a car in a darker colour.“
While agreeing that white is the highest-selling colour in cars, Ashish Agarwal, MD of automobiles' showroom, says, “Generally , before purchasing a car in red colour, people consult astrologers since a lot of negative stories are associated with the colour on the road.“ 

Even Aasheesh Talwar, MD, a car showroom, agrees that the trend is on the rise in the city . “On the first day of Navratri itself, I had a customer, who came with his pandit to choose the colour of the car. He not only bought the colour of the car as per his pandit's choice, but also did a proper puja at the showroom,“ shares Talwar. 

Astrologer Bipin Pandey says that the number of clients seeking advice on car purchases goes up during Navratra and around Diwali. “People wait for Diwali to make big purchases, especially like a car. And since it is often a big investment, they want to be doubly sure with everything -the colour and number of the car,“ he says, adding, “One of my clients recently purchased a yellow car as Jupiter was quite well-placed in his kundli.“ Pandey says he not only suggests the car colour, but some people also ask him to suggest the registration number for the car, as per their moolank (day of birth) and bhagyank (total of date of birth). “Some people, albeit a small percentage, also seek suggestions for the date and time on which the car should be taken out from the showroom,“ he adds.

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