Monday, September 28, 2015

Nisha Yogeshwar to make film debut in Tollywood

Nisha Yogeshwar

Not long ago, Bengaluru lass Yogeshwar, Nisha the daughter of actor-politician CP Yogeshwar, was supposed to make her film debut in a Darshan film. But after the muhurat, she was replaced and Nisha moved lock stock and barrel to Mumbai. And now according to reports, she is ready with her filmi debut -a Telugu film called Sriramaraksha, in which she co-stars with Rajith Menon. “I shot for the film, in which I play a young college student.The film is based on a very sweet love story at its explores first love. It is not a big film, but is definitely a good launch vehicle,“ says Nisha. Any regrets that her Sandalwood debut did not pan out the way she hoped? “Oh no, I have no regrets. I learnt my lessons well. I have had offers from the Kannada film industry , but nothing that piqued my interest. Moreover, I have always been clear that I want to get into Bollywood and if all goes well, by early 2016, something should work out,“ she signs off.

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