Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Centre dedicated to sport injuries opens in Delhi

A centre dedicated to 'Arthroscopy and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine' to help patients by diagnosing, treating and managing their injuries and joint problems effectively, was opened in national capital on Thursday.

The centre inaugurated at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC) offers a complete rehabilitation for patients by using techniques including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy among few others.

The centre has a team of five sports medicine consultants, who are internationally trained and super-specialised in treating specific joints of the body.

According to Major H.P.S. Ahluwalia (retd), chairman of the ISIC that is known for treatment of spine and brain-related injuries, injuries are a normal part of an active person's life.

He said, however, when the right medical treatment, rehabilitation and trainer support is lacking even relatively small injuries can become life changing.

"Patients in India now have a world class state-of-the-art dedicated facility to look up to for helping them manage injuries and joint problems."

A sports injury is the term that broadly refers various injuries and joint problems that occur most commonly among sportspersons.

H.S. Chhabra, medical director and chief of spine services at the centre, said: "A lot of our athletes who cannot afford to travel abroad are often left without adequate support with shortened careers.

"One of the prime objectives of establishing a dedicated sports medicine facility is to fill this void.

"We want to help sportspersons from across the country get back to their field with the best of help," he said.

Chabra said that some of these injuries may be minor and may heal with medication, physiotherapy and rest. On the other hand, some injuries may require surgical intervention to repair damaged muscles or ligaments.

According to Maninder Singh, consultant, Trauma and Orthopedics, at ISIC, lack of awareness about the consequences of injuries often put careers of sports persons in disarray.

"Sometimes, players ignore minor niggles, which then magnify into major tears and injuries."

"Sometimes, even the coaches and trainers are not well-trained enough to guide sportspersons to work out and build strength in the right way. In smaller centers, sports persons often train without any expert guidance altogether."

"...arthroscopic techniques are equally useful in treating problems in non-sports persons such as shoulder pain in middle aged people," Singh added.

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