Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Career-ending sports injuries

Michael Schumacher's life-threatening fall while skiing in the Alps only highlights that player safety and the long-term consequences of their injuries has been one of the biggest issues in sports for a long time.

While a few have overcome injuries to make history, some have had to let go of the sport that gave them everything. Here's a look at few of the career-ending injuries in sports.

Saba Karim yorked behind the stumps
Saba Karim injured his eye against Bangladesh in the Asia Cup in Dhaka in 2000, when an Anil Kumble delivery, coming off the batsman's boot, struck him on the right eye. The wicket-keeper was forced to end his career, as despite an eye surgery in Chennai and treatment abroad, his eyesight had not shown signs of recovery

Boucher stumped by the bails
Mark Boucher had to retire following a freak eye injury sustained while playing a practice match against Somerset. A googly from Imran Tahir hit the stumps and a dislodged bail struck Boucher in the left eye. The England tour was supposed to mark his 150th Test appearance, but sadly, the South Africam wicket keeper was forced to retire with 998 international dismissals, including 555 from 147 Tests, which is a record

Mary Pierce's fatal fall
Two-time Grand Slam winner and former World No 3 Mary Pierce was forced into an early retirement following a torn ACL. Down a set, the tennis player chased a ball to her forehand side and planted her left foot awkwardly after hitting the shot. She collapsed, letting out a bloodcurdling scream and never played another match.

The free kick to Dean Ashton
Dean Ashton is an English footballer who played for England's national team and West Ham United. He sustained a broken ankle while training a day before his England debut in 2006. He recovered but the injury eventually forced him to retire from the game altogether in 2009. Ashton sued the Football Association for compensation after the shattered ankle he sustained in a tackle, and the two reached a settlement.

Raman Lamba 'shot' to death
Raman Lamba was an Indian cricketer who played in four Tests and 32 One Day Internationals, mainly as a batsman. He died in 1998, three days after a ball hit him in the head while he was fielding at forward short leg in the final of a club match in Bangladesh. Batsman Mehrab Hossain's shot of left arm spinner Saifullah Khan's delivery was so ferocious that the ball deflected from Lamba's head and flew into wicketkeeper Khaled Mashud's gloves. Although the injury initially did not appear to be serious, Lamba suffered an internal hemorrhage, slipped into coma and lost his life.

Destiny's cruel hand on Nari contractor
In 1962, Nari Contractor suffered a skull fracture off a Charlie Griffith delivery that nearly killed him. The stylish southpaw represented India in 31 tests from the mid 1950s to the early 1960s. Contractor's injury is a perfect example of destiny playing a cruel hand. First, he was not supposed to play this game, but had to since others were not fit. Next, he was dropped a ball earlier. And finally, there was a disturbance by some movement in the dressing room, which he decided to sort out after the deliver, but it was too late. Though he recovered from the injury, his international career was effectively over after that.

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