Saturday, August 29, 2015

‘Muslims pursuing population, land jihad’

‘Muslims pursuing population, land jihad’

Controversial Hindu outfit Sri Ram Sene’s chief Pramod Mutalik was in Mumbai on Friday to launch ‘India against IS’, a website created by a group of right-wing organisations to start a movement across India to make Muslim youths aware against the threat of IS and distract them from joining the outfit.

How will the website help discourage Indian Muslim youths from joining the IS?
Islamic State terrorists are seeking to influence and recruit vulnerable Muslims from across the world approaching them through online platforms. They have have a specific target for India. Some educated Indian Muslims have already joined them without realising that they are involved in killing of Muslims, slaving women, raping little girls in the name of Islam. This website aims to reach out to youths with all available literature and facts about IS, their barbarism, anti-humanity agenda. We would rather encourage them to join the Indian Army. A large number of Hindu organisations are part of this nationalistic initiative.

Will you approach Muslim organisations?
Yes. We urge Muslim institutions to join us and spread the message of humanity among the community.

Have you analysed the reasons behind Indian Muslims joining the IS?
In the name of religious education, many Madrassas are misguiding the children. Pakistan has banned Madrassas but we haven’t.

How convincing this initiative would be since the supporting organizations have controversial image?
Nation comes first. This platform seems to unite youths of all communities to save the country. Our objective is simple — youths must stay away from the IS. I am sure people would pay attention to us.

You had joined the BJP last year but were expelled soon after following huge criticism from across India. Will you join BJP again if any offer is made?
No. I am a man of self-respect. I am happy with my organisation which has spread across India within 9 years pursuing staunch Hindutva.

You rose to popularity a few years back after vandalism and violence in pubs and restaurants to oppose Valentine’s Day. This has made you hugely unpopular among young India. However, your protests seem to have toned down since then. Have you realized your mistake or sensed the times have changed?
I’m still against Valentine and Friendship days and against Western culture which is misleading our youth. Consumption of wine, drugs, sex and rapes go many fold on such days which youngsters don’t know. Do we really need to celebrate such days? We have curbed celebration of such days by 75% in Karnataka. We have 5 lakh members in the state. That means-people agree with our stand. This is the success of Sri Ram Sene.

What else is on your agenda apart from pursuing Hindutva?
We are working to save cows and against the wine lobby. We are also working against “love jihad” through which Muslims not only lure girls but marry women as well and convert them. With the support of Pakistan, Islamic organisations are purchasing illegal land in a big way across India to make mosques and acquire more power. This is “land jihad” which is the biggest threat before us. Muslims are also doing “population jihad”. They seek to convert India into a Mughal state.
But there are over 40 police cases registered against you in many districts and even Goa has banned your entry.

There are 92 cases against me and all due to political reasons. But Indian courts and people’s courts have acquitted me. Over the years, the original culture of Goa has destroyed. It’s now known for drugs, sex, casino and alcohol only. Goa government possibly agrees with my stand principally, but they have banned me because my campaign affects their major revenue. Manohar Parrikar and I were part of Ram Mandir Andolan in Ayodhya and stayed in one hall. He is a good friend but even he couldn’t ignore revenue concerns.

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