Sunday, January 4, 2015

we have moulded 500 better citizens

Creating Problem Solvers

New heroes have just come out of hiding. And they’re aiming to mentor street children much like a Big Brother programme in the US would. Green Batti brings together a young professional and a child with fewer resources (all the street children are students of Teach for India). “When I adopted a school in Dharavi a few years ago, I noticed that the children did not have enough exposure to  the world as we know it today,” says Samyak Chakrabarty, one of the members.

So the curriculum revolves around some impact areas – problem solving, goal setting, critical thinking and creative imagination – which aims to expose the children to realities other than their own.

The project, which is under the wing of a start-up Social Quotient, puts their plan into action by creating games, stories and other content that will make learning a fun experience. “We use technology in the form of laptops and iPads so that the kids will get a different experience,” he adds.

How will mentoring 500 children help the city? “Charity isn’t only about donating food and clothes, but also about giving time to these kids.

Most of these kids come from backgrounds where chances of them getting involved in criminal activities are high. If giving exposure to them helps them avoid criminal behavior, then we have moulded 500 better citizens,” says Chakrabarty. The project was launched on Children’s Day, November 14, 2013.

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