Friday, January 9, 2015


NOKIA 130 


The Nokia 130 is the most basic phone you can get. It will let you make calls, send and receive text messages, listen to FM radio, and play certain types of multimedia content. It sports rubberized keys that have a mushy feel and are too tiny for large hands.
But the phone is still handy because of its sturdy build, built-in torch and ability to double up as a music player. You can launch it directly with a shortcut key and use quick access controls for song playback even when the screen is locked.Call quality is crystal clear and audio output can get very loud.
Even though there is support for a microSD card, it is not possible to import contacts to the phone.The device can only copy to and from the SIM, which means numbers will have to be saved on the SIM first.
That said, this phone's text input is excellent, especially in the T9 predictive mode. And while you cannot browse the internet with the Nokia 130, you can use Bluetooth to transfer files and contacts to the phone.It consumers very little power, working for over two days straight without the need for a recharge.
You can consider using the dinky Nokia 130 as a music player or as a landline replacement at home. Online Shopping India Purchase Nokia 130 at flipkart

Given the utilitarian nature of these devices, their display is average, with poor viewing angles.
Don't expect much from the camera. Pictures lack detail and suffer in extreme lighting. If your smartphone uses microSIMs, you will need two normal-sized SIM card adapters for your spare phone.
All four handsets have a standard microUSB port that can be used to recharge the battery via your PC or laptop.
Always keep a copy of important numbers on your SIM card. These will come handy when using a feature phone that cannot import contacts from the memory card. 


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