Friday, January 9, 2015

Indian Mujahideen (IM) operators arrested

TRACKING TERROR - Trio may have lent an arm to terror

Cops Say Module May Have Provided Explosives For Many IM Attacks Even As Raids Come Under A Cloud
The three alleged Indian Mujahideen (IM) operators arrested on Thurs day are suspected to be a logistics module, police officials investigating Thursday's alleged explosive haul say . They said the three men were also in contact with other terror outfits in the state and the explosives seized were meant to be distributed than used for making bombs themselves. According to senior police officers, the explosives recovered were similar to materials used in several blasts in the past and the digital timers recovered were rare and advanced.
The investigators suspect Syed Ismail Afaq's module may be the chief source of explosives for several terror attacks carried out by IM in recent years. They also claimed they have information about the trio's handler.
Meanwhile, the police operation has come under a cloud, with families of the two men arrested from an apartment in Cox Town claiming that duo was not at home at that time and picked up from elsewhere, unlike what's claimed by police.Cops only took away only mobile phones and laptops and not any `communication device', they claimed.
Questions are also being raised about the Bhatkal operation. Local media reports claimed police unloaded a carton containing some items from their vehicle and carried it inside the house, followed by some papers and a big bag. 

Suspects in cops custody till Jan 21

The three suspected Indian Mujahideen (IM) operatives arrested with a cache of explosives and communication devices were on Friday remanded in police custody by a special court till January 21. Syed Ismail Afaq, 34, Saddam Hussein (in pic), 35 and Abdus Subur, 24 were arrested from Cox Town, east Bengaluru, and Bhatkal during simultaneous raids by the Central Crime Branch and state internal security di vision on Thursday .
The police allegedly seized around 4 kg ammonium nitrate, 3 kg gelatin gel, 10-12 electric circuits, detonators and some communication devices during the raids. The three men, in masks, were brought to the city civil court under heavy police protection around 3.30 pm.
Within half-an hour, the court's decision to send them to police custody was an nounced by police officers.
“Police have got the custody of Syed Ismail Afaq, Saddam Hussein and Abdus Subur in the Indian Mujahideen ex plosive seizure case, up to Jan uary 21,“ said Abhishek Goyal, deputy commissioner of police, crime.
MN Reddi, city police commission er, said, “We have some information , about their handler, but we can't reveal the details now,“ he said.

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