Tuesday, December 9, 2014

RSS, Bajrang Dal ‘re-convert’ 200 Muslims in Agra - `Those who live in Bharat are Hindus'

RSS, Bajrang Dal ‘re-convert’ 200 Muslims in Agra

In a mass re-conversion ceremony organized by RSS and Bajrang Dal, more than 200 Muslims belonging to 57 families converted to Hinduism in Agra on Monday. RSS leader Rajeshwar Singh said more than 200 Muslims were “brought back to Hi nduism” in a ceremony titled ‘Purkhon ki ghar vapsi’ at the Madhunagar area in the city.
Singh added that the converts would soon be given new names.
The RSS functionary claimed that around 5,000 more Muslims and Christians would be “brought back into the Hindu fold” in Aligarh duri ng Christmas. “The grand event will be held at Maheshwari College in Aligarh,” Singh added.
With saffron flags fluttering atop roofs of makeshift houses, and amid chanting of mantras by priests, Muslims washed the feet of Hindu idols to mark their return to the religion. Long vermillion marks were put on their foreheads and they were given prasad to eat.
Later, the RSS and Bajrang Dal activists prepared a list of “re-converts” in order to get their voter ID and Aadhaar cards made, with their new names. Passionate and full of vitriol, 56-year-old, right-wing activist Rajeshwar Singh is on a mission to make India “a nation of Hindus“. His voice echoing in the pandal where the mass conversion event was organized on Monday by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Bajrag Dal in Madhunagar railed against Christianity and Islam and termed them to be foreign faiths.
“We will cleanse our Hindu society . We will not let the conspiracy of church or mosque succeed in India,“ he said while addressing the gathering at the `ghar vapsi' event. Singh wants India to be a nation of Hindus. “Just as those who stay in England are English and those who stay in Germany are Germans, similarly all those who stay in Bharat are Hindus,“ Singh added. Hailing from Etah district, Singh is regional head of the RSS in charge of Braj region, west UP and Uttarakhand.
Singh does not believe that Hinduism is not normally considered a religion that seeks converts. “I agree that Islam believes in reconversion and many people think that Hinduism does not but this is not true. Read Deval Smriti written by Sain Deval and there you will find the facts and acceptance of re-conversion and conversion in Hinduism,“ said Singh. “The Hindu wave has just begun. In 10 years we will convert all Christians and Muslims,“ Singh said.

`Don't mind changing religion for better life'

Sufia Begum,76, the oldest woman among the re-converts, told TOI: “I read Quran and offered namaz five times a day . Now I will read Ganesh aarti. I don't find any major difference in the teachings of the two religions. The RSS assured us that they will provide us better place to live, better food and schooling for my grandsons. I don't mind changing religion as it doesn't give us food.“ Sharifa, 40, was seen discussing the “right way“ of performing aarti with her daughter-in-law, Afsha, in a small temple built by RSS. An idol of goddess Kali was placed in the temple as majority of people living in the area are from West Bengal.
“The RSS spends Rs 50 lakh every month on re-conversion of around 1,000 families. It spends Rs 8-10 lakh a month on fuel costs alone in west UP,“ Singh told TOI.
“We have re-converted 2.73 lakh Muslims and Christians in the Braj region that includes Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Mathura, Firozabad, Etah, Meerut, Mainpuri and Uttarakhand since 2003. The upcoming mass re-conversion ceremony in which 5,000 Muslims and Christians will be brought back into Hindu fold will be headed by Yogi Adityanath in Aligarh on December 25,“ Singh added.
Bajrang Dal leader Ajju Chauhan said more than three dozen saffron activists were guarding the re-conversion venue to avoid any untoward incident. Aslam Qureishi, Sunni leader, told TOI, “This is a tactic of the RSS to misguide Muslims.“
Agra SSP Shalabh Mathur said police were not informed about the conversion. “If people want to change their religion with consent then in that case, its their fundamental right and no one can stop them,“ Mathur said.

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